We are a locally based Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) registered under the Company Act of Ghana in 2017.


As a Young Sports Entity in the fraternity, GoalKick Foundation aspires to be one of the finest Sports and Educational Organizations in Ghana and Africa as a whole. 


We promote Sports Education among the teaming youth in the country. Specifically, in the La area of the Greater Accra Region, we identify, encourage, and empower the youth to stay focused in school while offering them opportunities to Sports.  

We are geared towards developing and harnessing potential football talents in the industry through Sports Mentorship and Education for holistic development.

We create the enabling environment for Kids to develop a love for Sports, Education, Volunteerism, and a Healthy Lifestyle among others. 


“Every Athlete has the Right to Education” is Key in admitting the youth into our Foundation, and without attending school, no admission into the foundation.


  • To ensure that the youth exercise their right to Education
  • Offer sports education avenue as a means to self-empowerment and healthy living 
  • Build capacity through public and private partnerships to ensure that we are able to deliver on our mandate to support the youth within the Ghanaian communities.

Our Partners

Our International Partner is Gazprom Football for Friendship, and over the years we have had the privilege of working with our partner on a yearly basis for capacity building and youth empowerment.

Our Annual International Youth Day events offers us capacity building and social interventions opportunities to create forums for the youth in our catchment areas. 

With support from our partner, we are able to offer some help to identified youth in need although not often. 

Similarly, we access international exchange programs for our foundation kids and help them gain knowledge which is vital to building capacity for our target communities. 

Our foundation kids have had the opportunity to be selected to partake in International Social Events in Moscow, Russia since 2017 which have been a source of motivation and empowerment, as they gained indept exposure which is critical in their life’s.

Our Mandate

Our mandate includes ensuring that the youth have access to basic education as made available by the state. We ensure that children in need and at risk of being deprived of their basic right to education are enrolled, and the needed financial obligations are provided. 

This mandate also involves us ensuring that parents or guardians for these youth have some sustainable means of income to create the enabling environment for their wards to be in school. 

Going forward, our goal is to ensure that 300 youth are annually catered for in line with education, to ensure that, the number of school dropouts in these areas is reduced significantly. 

On a sports education front, we are geared towards offering playing platforms for the youth to express their sports talents whilst in school and nurture their ability and potential to sports as a means to empowerment.

As part of plans to help raise funds to sustain the goals and objectives of the foundation, we will actively pursue the scouting of youthful football talents. The foundation will ensure that these youths are mentored and offered the needed platforms and opportunities to excel in their pursuit of a holistic sports career. This wing of the foundation will help afford the ability to generate financial support together with our partners to sustain the activities we embark on. 

Building the communities from Within

  • By drawing from our experiences with our existing partner, we aim at increasing the opportunities offered to the youth to acquire the needed knowledge, exposure, and expertise to contribute to our mandate.
  • Creating platforms and avenues from within our very communities to court public/private partnership to achieve set targets and sustain the activities of the foundation.
  • Offer continuous support based activities which will go a long way to help the youth identify their potential and help them to reach attainable heights.
  • Leverage the existing opportunities available to the youth within the communities and enhance their ability to make healthy choices through our community engagement programs.

Some Projects Undertaken

  • Embarking  on Annual Exchange and capacity building programmes for the Foundation kids, to a larger extent, the youth in the community.
  • Annual organization of International Day of Football and Friendship.
  • Organization of Carrer building and mentorship programmes for the youth in the community.
  • Supply of educational materials and  sports kits to Foundation kids.
  • Organization of fund games for the youth in the community.
  • Regular visitation of the schools and homes of foundation kids.
  • Covid-19 sensitization programmes for foundation kids.

Initiatives Going Forward

  • Enhanced capacity building and livelihood empowerment to parents of foundation kids and the community at large.
  • Regular education of mothers in the community on the positive impact of good nutrition to the kids.
  • Advocacy on child labour in the community.
  • Education on the negative effects of the use of illicit drugs and doping,
  • Enhanced supply of sports materials.
  • Covid 19 Workshops and Support within the community.
  • Actively pursuing the scouting of youthful football talents
  • Sports for Development and Peace Campaigns.
  • Providing Educational Materials to youth within Community (EDUBANK). This would be called Goalkick EduBank, which would be the creation of educational bank where we annually open for fund raising and logistical support for the youth in the communities who are in schools and those dropped out.
  • Registring all foundation kids on National Health Insurance Policy.

Bigger Projects in the Future

  • Building of multi-purpose school and sports complex in communities to enhance Education and Sports of our Foundation kids.
  • Puchasing of a bus to convey foundation kids for programmes.
  • Acquiring a pick-up to enhance Management’s official activities.
  • Instituting of emolument to members in a quest to make them permanent staffs of the foundation, to bring about efficiency and effectiveness.