About Goalkick Football Agency

Goal Kick Football Agency is a professional football management organization established in 2019.


As a Young Sports Entity in the fraternity, GoalKick Foundation aspires to be one of the finest Sports and Educational Organizations in Ghana and Africa as a whole


We promote Sports Education among the teaming youth in the country. Specifically, in the La area of the Greater Accra Region, we identify, encourage, and empower the youth to stay focused in school while offering them opportunities to Sports. We are geared towards developing and harnessing potential football talents in the industry through Sports Mentorship and Education for holistic development. We create the enabling environment for Kids to develop a love for Sports, Education, Volunteerism, and a Healthy Lifestyle among others. .


“Every Athlete has the Right to Education” is Key in admitting the youth into our Foundation, and without attending school, no admission into the foundation.